Heir of Hope

Heir of Hope Follower of the Word – Book 3 By Morgan L. Busse ISBN-13: 978-1621840398 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 368 Pub Date: April 2015 Publisher: Enclave Publishing Rowen Mar is the last Truthsayer and she faces the most challenging ordeal of her young life. Brought to the fallen city of Thyra by an ethereal agent … More Heir of Hope

Son of Truth

Son of Truth Follower of the Word – Book 2 By Morgan L. Busse ISBN-13: 978-1935929918 (Trade Paperback) Pages: 352 Pub Date: April 2013 Publisher: Enclave Publishing Caleb Tala is an assassin, a very good one. His cousin, ruler of the Temanin Empire, has sent him north to oversee the invasion of the northern lands … More Son of Truth

The Storm Guardians

The Storm Guardians Book Two: The Rising Dawn Saga by Stephen Zimmer ISBN-13: 9780982565667 (Hardcover) ISBN-13: 9780982565636 (Trade Paperback) ISBN-13: 9780982565681 (NOOKbook) ASIN: B003TSERVS (Kindle Edition) 554 pages Pub Date: June 2010 Publisher: Seventh Star Press When worlds collide. There are powers that shape history and there are powers that shape time. The end game … More The Storm Guardians

Heart of Onyx

Heart of Onyx by Cynthia Ayala ISBN-13: 9781450016476 (Trade Paperback) 196 pages Pub Date: January 2010 Publisher: Xlibris The Kingdom of Radiancia now lies in darkness. Radiancia’s glorious castle of light, where ivory and gold glittered in the sparkling sun now stands a hulk of black and silver, clothed in darkness. The evil Queen Luciana … More Heart of Onyx