Hello everyone! I’ve gotten notices that several new folks have joined up to follow this blog. I hope that those who have joined up have looked back through the past posts and have garnered that as of the last day of 2017 we are no longer doing any reviews here.  Sadly, it was time for a change as most of the editorial staff had moved into new fields of endeavors that have kept them from doing the kind of reviews that most readers would like to find.

Having said that, I would like to point out that the two founding members of this review site have their own blogs which they (on occasion) do book reviews as well as other things about writing, reading, space, science and a whole gambit of other stuff. Below is a link to their blogs. I would encourage the followers here to follow them at their sites and get some refreshing new stuff to read and think about.

Steven Macon – former editor’s site: HERE

Paul Dellinger – former reviewer’s site: HERE

I would encourage anyone to follow these guys blogs as they are insightful and entertaining as well.

That’s the latest from Yellow30 Sci-Fi Review. Hope this is a great year for everyone.

— Monti Littlefeet / sitegopher