The Last Tango!

Since this is the last tango, we thought it would be appropriate just to restate our first departure back in 2010 with a few modifications. It still fits after all this time. For those stopping by after this post, please check out all the good books that have been reviewed here. Those that are dated may be hard to find, but if you can, get them and savor the read. Again, the Staff would like to say good-bye. Here is our departing post:

It’s the end of the year. It is also the end of the book.

George Harrison once said, “All Things Must Pass.” And so it is with Yellow30 Sci-Fi Review. For this particular blog site, this will be the last posting. We have come to the end of the final chapter. We have finished the novel. The majority of the staff are continuing to move on with their real jobs, while leaving a couple of older guys to handle the ship. Now, the winds have turned and we’ve put into port. It has been remarkable eighteen years since we first began our amazing journey through the Internet. Now, the old guys have decided it’s time to close the book and give it a rest.

We will keep this blog site up as long as possible and if by chance you come across this place please check out the links that will take you elsewhere.

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