“Hand me those specs, Billi!” I rasp trying to figure which side of the paper is up or down. Getting older certainly has a whole set of setbacks that can make you think you’re doing something right and in actuality you’re just doing it wrong. Me and math sometimes do not figure out correctly. Ever have one of those days? Well, we must first of all make a correction to the previous post. We haven’t really been back for seven years. On the contrary, we’ve only been back now four years after our return from the hiatus we went on in 2010… so our apologies for stating some facts that are definitely fictional. But, we have been around for 18 years, in one form or another. Now, on to the latest news.

In two days we’ll know who the Nominees are for the 2017 Pluto Award. Some discussion with a few of the Awards Committee folks says that this field is wide open for contenders for this last award. They have a good list so far but are zipper lipped about it right now. We’ll just have to wait till the 8th to find out who the Nominees are. Stay tuned!