Image © SM Jaxx

The news is that it’s time for the last tango. Yellow30 Sci-Fi Review has been back for seven years in a hit or miss type of frequency that borders on the Outer Limits TV show’s opening segment. The consensus of the Staff is to have one final hurrah before we each walk away from the ship we’ve been aboard all these years; 18 to be exact. So in keeping with things we thought it would be fitting to bring back the Pluto Award for it’s final debut to honor all those books that were reviewed in this last segment of the adventure.

Having said that, here is what the staff and the Awards Committee came up with. A good number of the Awards Committee have come back to help us with this last award venture. Our hats off to them.

The 2017 Pluto Award will be derived from those books reviewed between 2013 and December 1, 2017. Nominees will be selected by the Awards Committee and posted by December 8, 2017. Eight Semi- Finalists will be selected and posted December 15, 2017 and on December 22, 2017 Four Finalist will be selected and posted. The 2017 Pluto Award Winner will be announced December 29, 2017. The Pluto Award will be mailed out to the winner the second week in January 2018. Good luck to our reviewed authors.