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The Curse
Star Crystal Chronicles – Book 2
by Steven Macon

ISBN-13: 978-1576880562 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 402
Pub Date: August 2017
Publisher: Archer Trail Press

There was a war. A deadly war over a thousand years ago that had ramifications that would spur a new generation of cutthroats. These new villains are now looking for a mysterious journal that will lead them to the direct descendants of the mastermind behind this thousand year old war. The TeMari Corporate’s deadly Political Ministry has clues that the mastermind’s great grandchildren are now living on their very doorstep. Sar Hunneen and his sisters are believed to be connected to the hideous monster that started the thousand year old Genetic War. This mysterious journal is the lynch pin that will conclusively proof that fact. An arrest and imprisonment should be made in short order. Sar and his sisters must flee for their lives, and in doing so, this cursed book will be forever haunting them.

This second installment of the Star Crystal Chronicles by Steven Macon is a tale of danger and intrigue that separates a well-to-do family from one another in an attempt to flee from an evil tyrant’s quest for revenge. There are other forces in the galaxy looking for Sar and sisters as they flee to the Far Frontier in a desperate race to freedom. This second book in the series is an action filled thriller that will keep you turning the pages as Sar and his sister struggle against mounting odds in their quest for freedom. — Billi Caye