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Something Wicked:
A Collection of Haunting Tales
by Kellie Honaker and Paul Dellinger

ISBN-13: 978-1945524127
Pages: 258
Pub Date: September 2017
Publisher: Magic Quill Press

This is a collection of dare stories! That’s right, dare you to read these six chilling tales that will scare the bones right out of your body. This spine tingling collection will cause you to scrutinize small rural towns next to rivers in a different light. One never knows what’s in the river let alone how taking a drink from that river might leave you with more than a stomach ache. Add to this mix a Viking soothsayer and her apprentice, a young man who grew up with classic science fiction comics and movies, a heart broken blacksmith who’s lost love has spawned a metallic recreation from his shop, a zombie and a ghost all add shear terror to this page turner collection. If you want a good scare, then get this collection. You’ll sleep with the lights on for at least a month, if not longer. — Steven Macon