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The Student and the Slave
Krillonian Chronicles – Book 3
by Annie Douglass Lima

ISBN-13: 978-1978335110 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 308
Pub Date: November 2017
Publisher: CSIPP

Expectations can be very disappointing. Sometimes those expectations become assumptions and presumptions. Bensin’s collar is gone, he’s no longer a slave, but freedom, the one he envisioned for himself and his sister, is vastly different than what he expected. Tarnestra, the lone province in the Krillonian Empire to outlaw slavery, is now home of thousands of freedom seeking slaves. Jobs are hard to come by. Bensin needs a job and he’s desperate to find one. His main goal is to get enough money to rescue the man who became a father figure and the one who put himself in jeopardy to help Bensin and his sister get to the land of the free. Coach Steene must be rescued and Bensin must find a way to do so.

While Bensin and Ellie struggle with this new found freedom, their father figure, Steene, must cope with his own new role in life, that of a slave. Steene now realizes the kind of life Bensin and his sister experienced before they were set free from the collars around their necks. Steene longs for freedom away from the rich young Nelirian that is now his owner.

Annie Lima’s pen continues the adventures where they left off in her previous two books. We are drawn into a world where families are torn apart and on both sides of the vast ocean separating loved ones. Another page turner, Annie Lima delivers another exceptional tale in the Krillonian Chronicles. Be prepared, nail-biting scenes await the adventurous reader who wants to plunge into a world very similar to our present day. — Stefanie Longwood