Image © Steven Macon

After some discussion with the staff, it was determined that another face lift was in order. Why? Several of the staff felt that there should be a review flavor to the site and therefore a notebook type of layout might be appealing. There you have it, the reason and why the change has happened.

On another note, there will be another Featured Author segment in the next several weeks. We’re kind of excited as this featured author is a world traveler and has a wealth of stories that all our readers should check out. We won’t say who this author may be just yet, but keep checking back and see who it might be.

We’d also like for you to recommend us on your social media networks and get the word out. The staff is very pleased that we’re getting back into the swing of things again as far as reviewing the latest voices in the indie publishing world of science fiction and fantasy.

We’re even considering starting a second site for other indie author reviews that would cover such topics as mystery, poetry and perhaps non-fiction. Again, this is a faith-based effort and certain criteria will be established if this venture should set sail. Again, please check back to see what’s going on.