Image © JM Corkill

The Alex Cave Series – Book 6
by James. M. Corkill

ISBN-13: 978-1974366385
Pages: 348
Pub Date: August 2017
Publisher: CSIPP

It all begins with history, ancient history and secrets buried in the earth. Archaeologist Mya Austin has discover a prophetical cave drawing on the sacred grounds of the Sioux Nation that gives all indications that visitors from the stars have been to this planet 2500 years ago and are coming back again. Mya has requested help from Alex Cave, former CIA operative and geophysicist, but family matters will not allow him to assist in her discovery. The aliens do appear and the news they bring is rather grim. Earth is going to be destroyed by a comet and there is not much time.

The aliens have a plan to save 500 people of the planet, but only those who meet their DNA requirements. Alex and his team meet with the aliens to verify the facts and in doing so learn that earth’s destruction can not be avoided. Alex senses that the aliens are hedging and not revealing all that is going to happen. Will he find out the real truth and save the planet?

Even though this is fast paced thriller that flavors 2012, Armageddon and Deep Impact it’s rushed in places where more description could have spiced it up a bit and made it more palatable. This book starts out well, but bullet holes become more abundant as the story progresses. Since this is my first Alex Cave book, I probably don’t have the depth of character about Alex and his cohorts that would have made this a little more enjoyable. Otherwise, this is a well paced sci-fi thriller. — Billi Caye