Image by Forrest Curtis

The Relic
Star Crystal Chronicles – Book One
by Steven Macon

ISBN-13: 978-1548125202
Pages: 314
Pub Date: July 2017
Publisher: CSIPP

It all starts with an earthquake. This one in South America that would catch the eyes of a select group of scientists in one corner of the planet and at the same time a black ops military operation in a super secret military complex in Utah. This ground shaking event unearths a crashed space vehicle that dates back nearly a million years. What’s inside this slumbering relic from the past will keep a courageous cryptographer and his team at the edge of a long dark night that has fangs still stretched across the galaxy.

This is the first installment of a science fiction techno-thriller series that has prophetic overtures of our current day world. It’s a tale of deep dark secrets trying to destroy a civilization that stretches across a vast field of stars. The Relic is a story of a brave individual’s attempt to bring to light this black evil that has entrenched itself into every aspects of society and to free his world of this deadly menace. It’s also a tale of love, faith and devotion. Get this book. It will stir your adventurous mind and challenge your heart. — Billi Caye