Image © Forrest Curtis

Guns & Fog in Sunshine
by Steven Macon


ISBN-13: 978-1576880623
Pages: 166
Pub Date: July 2017
Publisher: Archer Trail Press

Henry Long wakes up with a secret. A deadly secret! So, what does he do? He goes for a morning jog just to sort out what he’s found and how to tell the folks around him, if he can. He wrestles with the ramifications what this sudden discovery will bring and realizes that perhaps it’s beyond his control. But what will he do? That’s the question he must answer and he only has a few hours to make up his mind before it’s too late.

The sudden drop in temperatures across the sunny state of Florida bring with it a dreaded fog that hampers the morning commutes as well as lingers late into the night. Yet this fog has an eerie feel about it. That’s exactly what Matt Clark thinks as he slowly drives to his office. The unnerving tingle that something deadly is lurking in this sinister fog plagues him all day and all night. It will not leave him alone. He and his girlfriend find themselves surrounded by a slow moving force that is out to erase mankind from the planet.

Revenge! This word, this action, will not leave Tal Shann alone. That’s what has brought him to the Cosmic Cats Casino in a far away star system. For nearly five years Tal has plotted a course of action that has lead him across the Flairian Federation. He has to finally do something about it. The realization that he must face the deadliest gunslinger in the Federation smacks him square in the face. It’s time to avenge a friend and put things right again in the star system.

This is probably one of the shortest short story collections to come along in several years; at least across my review desk that is. I must say though, these three gems of science fiction will certainly make it worth the read. The title and cover are Art Deco and the stories inside will stir your senses to things gone by and perhaps things to come. Guns & Fog in Sunshine is a good book to add to any collection. — Mark Randell