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Daughter of Light
Follower of the Word – Book 1
by Morgan L. Busse

ISBN-13: 978-1935929499 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 376
Pub Date: April 2012
Publisher: Enclave Publishing


An abandoned baby, that is who Rowen Mar was. It did not matter to her, she loves Jedrek and Ann Mar as if they are her real parents. Her father is a skilled swordsman and he teaches his young daughter his skills. “It’s good for a girl to know how to defend herself.” Then the sickness came and Rowen’s mother dies. Later on, she becomes sick as well. The recovery is a slow process and then Jedrek is called to war. Rowen misses him sorely, but she has friends in her village that she can count on. Her world comes crashing down when she learns her father has been killed in the war. His body is shipped home for burial. This is so hard for Rowen. In all these tragedies her friends rally to help and comfort her. Until the mark appears. Yes, a strange mark appears on her hand and it isn’t until a young man with designs of his own making grabs her by the hand to force himself on her. It is at that moment all his evil thoughts, deeds and intentions are flashed through his mind and Rowen’s. Rowen is sickened to near death by what she sees. The young man is also and quickly brings allegations against Jedrek Mar’s young daughter. Rowen is branded a witch and is banished from her village. If she returns she will be put do death. Placing a glove over her mark she seeks out sanctuary in the White City. She will always wear her glove, because she does not want a repeat of the terrible incident that banished her. Little does Rowen know that she is special and the mark is evidence of how special she is. Soon she will face the challenge of her life. That challenge will also bring salvation to the people of the land. The power of deliverance lies in Rowen’s hand, literally.

Ms. Busse’s Daughter of Light novel is truly a fantastic tale of awakening, hope and courage as a young girl discovers who she really is. This is a tale all fantasy lovers will devour and it will appeal to anyone who enjoys a heartwarming action adventure. The reader will not be disappointed in this truly marvelous piece of fiction. — Steven Macon