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The Void Wraith Trilogy – Book 1
by C. T. Fox

ISBN-13: 978-1530628506 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 346
Pub Date: March 2016
Publisher: CSIPP


The legendary Captain Dryker, hero of the Tigris War, has been sent to find out what happened to the colonists on Mar Kona. In doing so they discover the debris of a Tigris research vessel and suddenly find themselves facing their old enemy. Dryker sends a team planetside and suddenly the game changes as a new enemy arises out of the ashes of legend, the mythical Void Wraith.

Having rescued a Tigris anthropologist from the planet, Dryker and his crew of misfits head into hostile territory to find out what’s going on. Fleet Command refuses to confirm anything that Dryker and his crew has uncovered and the Tigris are keeping tightlipped about the whole thing. Something is going on and Dryker and his second in command, Commander Nolan, are going to find out what and why. In doing so they become wanted criminals by both forces. It’s a race against time as Dryker and crew travers space searching for clues.

Chris Fox has put together an exciting space adventure story that is fast paced. Fox’s word painting will implant clever imagery upon the reader’s imagination. Make sure you put this on your must read list because this is truly a grand adventure of the highest caliber. — Steven Macon