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The King’s Scrolls
Ilyon Chronicles – Book 2
by Jaye L. Knight

ISBN-13: 978-0983774051 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 442
Pub Date: February 2015
Publisher: Living Sword Publishing


Little does Jace and Kyrin know that the approaching winter is a harbinger of things to come. Yes, there is still the struggle dealing with those displaced by the emperor. It has been a challenge to help the folks now fleeing the scrutinizing eyes of the man on the throne, but it has been satisfying and rewarding to know that they are doing the work for God. Emperor Daician only wishes to execute any and all followers of Elôm, The emperor is purging out all who will not be loyal to him and his gods. He also wishes to destroy any facet of Elôm that remains in the kingdom. His primary focus now is to find and destroy the last surviving copies of the King’s Scrolls – the World of Elôm, Jace and Kyrin have heard whispered rumors about this and when four mysterious dragon-riding cretes show up in Landale Forest, the quest for the King’s Scrolls becomes a race against time for Jace and Kyrin. It will challenge everything they hold dear and will put them into far greater danger than they have previously encountered.

Ms Knight continues the danger, courage and faith wrapped into a page turning epic tale that first began with Resistance. This is a captivating tale which will keep the reader spellbound one page after another. Ms. Knight has kept the magic going in this new tale of Ilyon. Get this series and place it along side Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, it deserves to be there. — Steven Macon