image by J.M. Corkill
image by J.M. Corkill

The Alex Cave Series Book 4
by James M. Corkill
ISBN-13: 978-1517432195 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 334
Pub Date: Sept 2015
Publisher: CSIPP

This is the fourth in a series of stories starring Alex Cave, and the first I have had the opportunity to read. It is a satisfying Bruce Willis-type action-hero adventure romp in which the bad guy (in this case a woman) steals an alien artifact which the hero has been tasked to recover. This piece of alien technology can manipulate or generate gravity, and when the ne’re-do-well sets it up and turns it on, it causes the orbit of the moon to be altered, thus threatening the earth’s population through drastically altered tides. Couple to this JPL’s discovery of an odd space rock streaking toward Earth at a fantastic rate of speed, and the future of the people on the planet seems short indeed. It is left to our hero to try to recover the artifact and save the earth from its effects and the space rock, using an alien spaceship which he apparently found in an earlier tome, and which some friends of his have been trying ever since to figure out how to make work.

This is a pretty well written story, albeit a typical action-hero romp. The premise and plot are certainly conceivable; after all, who knows what’s stashed at Area 51! The science and technology are plausibly believable, too; the author either has a background or has done his homework. The characterizations are handled well, despite several of the characters having been introduced in earlier episodes. Being the type of story that it is, it does have its fair share of death-defying events involving different characters during the course of the action. Some of these for me were believable, but some not so much. And the relationship I kept rooting for was that of Alex and his love-interest, Fala, who doesn’t like what Alex does as a side job, and can’t understand why he’s such an adventure junkie.

On the whole, this is a job well done. The author came up with an easily believable story line and pulled it off nicely. I’m even thinking about checking out the first three episodes soon to see what leads up to this one. Read it, and enjoy! — David Reynolds