image AD Lima
image AD Lima

The Collar and the Cavvarach
Krillonian Chronicles – Book 1
by Annie Douglass Lima

ISBN-13: 978-1514225936 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 304
Pub Date: June 2015
Publisher: CSIPP


From the imagination of speculative fiction authors readers are pulled into worlds of “what ifs?” that will cause the reader to ponder the past and scrutinize the present. Annie Lima has penned such a tale. A tale where slavery is legal. A tale of a world that is very similar to our modern day society. Yet here, slaves can be anyone from any race or culture. You do a crime and you might end up a slave. Slaves wear collars that make it very plain who they are and what rights they have. The Collar and the Cavvarach is a compelling story of a young slave, Bensin, and his sister. Bensin’s sole purpose is to see his sister free, away from the cruel stigma that they are forced to endure each and every day. Freedom for a slave is costly. There are more ways to obtain that freedom than money. For his sister’s freedom Bensin will do anything, even if it is against the law. Escape from their present owners does not end well. Bensin faces harsh punishment and is eventually sold to another owner. Yet, what seems like a bad thing turns in his favor. There may be a legal way to win his sister’s release from slavery. One thing Bensin has going for him, he’s skilled at cavvara shil, a martial arts form that he participates in his free time. Yes, slaves do have free time. Cavvara shil is lauded all over the Empire and one can earn a good living at it. But, will the voices in Bensin’s head push him to another premature escape attempt? Bensin must face his inner demons as well as the ones of flesh and blood in the very day world. Annie Lima has crafted a remarkable book that gives a scary reality to slavery and a well thought out martial art, cavvara shil, that may appear one day. This is a good read, the reader will not be disappointed. — Stefanie Longwood