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Mountains of Mischief
World of Change Book 3
by Gordon A. Long

ISBN-13: 978-0992124373 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 346
Pub Date: November 2015
Publisher: Airborn Press

Aleria anDalmyn’s life is about to get more demanding and more dangerous. A little shaky in how to present herself as a tough wagonmaster, she wrestles with cross-examining her steps and methods. She must be tough, strong and have answers. Aleria has the grit to do all these and more. Her first adventure out the wagon train she is mastering finds themselves in the middle of a boarder dispute that is ages old. That’s only part of the problems. Someone has secreted Mechanical weapons on her train. Aleria is livid! No one mess with a Dalmyn train. Never! She will find out who did it and why, and that someone will feel the cold edge of her steel for sure. Through the course of events, Aleria is drawn deeper into the conspiring world of politics that surround the land and behind all this is a legend of old that will surface and turn her world into a nightmare. Will Aleria’s grit and skill be a match for the mysterious Ghost Beast or will she perish as others have?

Gordon A. Long has penned a well developed story of a determined young lady who is feisty, intelligent and brave at heart. This is an intriguing story of political subterfuge, loyalty to family and station, and plain out swashbuckling adventure. Each page will pull the reader into a world that speaks of Renaissance with a touch of the old wild west. It’s fun and daring! Mr. Long has spun a new approach to life where swords, wagon trains and chivalry balance a world ablaze with wonder. — Steven Macon