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by Lelia Rose Foreman

ISBN-13: 978-1938679087 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 220
Pub Date: June 2015
Publisher: Written World Communications

Expectations often come crashing down around us. It can be shattering. Such are the hopes and dreams of the colonists aboard the Starflower as it comes out of warp into orbit around a planet that they had envisioned would be a new beginning. Sadly, the colonist, devout Christians, must adjust their expectations, hopes and dreams as they land on New Earth. The planet has a dark past that leaves a lingering ghost that the colonist must face. For twelve year old Rejoice Holly, settling on this new world is almost like going to prison. Her dreams of becoming an astronomer must take last place to survival and how the colony will manage on a world that from the get-go is harsh. Yet in the middle of all the hardships and challenges the colonists must face, Rejoice suddenly finds herself with a discovery that will change the fate of the colony and the native inhabitants that she accidently stubbles upon in one tragic mishap.

This is really an intriguing book once one gets past the strange use of Scripture phrases for people’s names. It is a cleverly pieced together tale of two races, the planet’s inhabitants and the colonists, and how they discover each other and how they get along. Young Rejoice soon finds out that her desired dream will be the salvation of the colony and the planet. Or will it? Although I feel that a different cover would have enhanced this book, it is an entertaining read that will not disappoint. — Steven Macon