Disappearing Pluto

Are we dreaming? Wasn’t there something about a 2015 Pluto Award somewhere on this site? The answers: No, you were not dreaming and yes there was mention of the 2015 Pluto Award. But, after careful scrutiny by a publisher from the southern hemisphere it has been determined that there was not enough representation by various publishers in the selection of the nominees from the review list of books. So, in agreement with our friend from southern hemisphere, the Staff and concurrence from the Awards Committee is has been decided that there will be no 2015 Pluto Award. Having said that, we are making preparations for a 2016 Pluto Award. The Staff and the Awards Committee will meet next week to discuss the criteria. The outcome will be posted later in the month.

Please, inform all your indie authors / publishers to see our Submissions guidelines to get their books and authors in the running for next year’s award. Thanks so much for your patience in bearing with us. We are thankful for our publishing friend down south for the objective eye she brought to what might have turned out to be a not so good situation. — Steven Macon, Editor

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