Strange things are happening over in Alice Town, Virginia. That’s right. One has to wonder what all the creepiness is about. Over the past several months, a book project by Living Tree Publishers, has surfaced on the world wide web hoping to garner some attention and also to attract writers who might want to try their hand at developing short stories set in a fictional community in southwestern Virginia. As of this writing, eight tales by five writers, have surfaced to give us some insight as to the strange happenings going on in Alice Town and surrounding communities. From the tales I’ve read, this has the makings of a cross between Mitford by Jan Karon and the sci-fi series Eureka. That should raise a few eyebrows alone. I have the site bookmarked and so should you, especially if you’re a writer. I will continue to see what tales come out of this creepy little southwestern Virginia town. — Mark Randell