It’s been over a year since we’ve posted anything here. Amazing how time flies and how busy life can get at times. Well, we are considering opening this thing back up but with a little bit of changes to our venue. Having had lunch with a few of the old reviewers of this site several months in a row the common consensus is that we all like, for the most part, to review printed books as oppose to the digital variety. Therefore some discussion was given as to possibly restarting this review site with posts from printed books we reviewed. One of our reviewers has been reading a lot of steampunk and would like to post those. He reads both the printed and digital versions. So, in reality we would not be opposed to the digital variety, but would like to get some printed books for review purposes. Again, more discussion and as of this date we’re still toying with how and when to start back up. Please check us out from time to time to see what has transpired.