JourneyDeepCVJourney Into The Deep
Water Wars Book One
by Guy Stanton III

ISBN-13: 978-1499353655 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 196
Pub Date: May 2014
Publisher: CSIPP
Eli might be considered a black Indian Jones as he scours through derelict houses looking for an ancient artifact that suppose to have links to finding a fabled Confederate treasure fleet lost at sea a little over a hundred and fifty years ago. Eli’s frustrated efforts suddenly vanish as he discovers that the trunk in the musty old attic he’s been fumbling through has a hidden compartment. Inside is the fabled key to all his troubles. Eli and his crew are going to be rich, or are they? Other whispered rumors suddenly manifest as to the possibility that the treasure fleet vanished to the mysterious island of Atlantis. Eli and his crew of misfits set sail to find out if the treasure fleet may be resting on the bottom of the Atlantic or will he and his crew stumble into the fabled Atlantis in their search for Confederate gold?

Guy Stanton III spins an interesting tale here, but falls short to deliver a dynamic piece of storytelling. The book is keyed on adventure, action and romance, yet more descriptive narrative would have helped this tremendously. The pace of the story action was quick and some of the characters were just stage dressing with no appeal for the reader to linger on them. A second and or third set of eyes would have helped catch the grammar and spelling errors that haunt this book. The first person / third person view points seemed out of place, but after a time, worked out to move the story along. The Christian element in this book is good, but is also a little thin at times. All in all this is a good book with action, adventure and romance and a fairly quick read. Hopefully Mr. Stanton will connect with a couple good editors and iron out the weak links in his writing. — Steven Macon, Editor