PaulandStoriesMr. Lazarus
And Other Stories
by Paul Dellinger

ISBN-13: 978-1495423505 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 316
Pub Date: February 2014
Publisher: CSIPP


Paul Dellinger’s collection of short stories is like stepping into a time machine and slipping back into time and space where sci-fi short stories were the predominate force with genre magazines for nearly five decades. Spanning a time frame of two centuries (1962 to 2013), these stories have the flavor of old time pulp fiction and the nostalgia of the era. It is a sad note that most of these great science fiction magazines have disappeared from the planet.

Mr. Lazarus makes his appearances in several of these stories and when he does it is usually to warn the main character of the sinister forces that are trying to shape the world. The stories range from deep space dangers to a vampire at West Point, not to mention a refreshing look into an old time B-western that suddenly turns into a other world portal for malevolent forces out to destroy humankind.

This is a refreshing collection of work that spans fifty years of creative writing by an much accomplished member of the Science Fiction Writers of America. Paul Dellinger’s collection will bring a tear to your eye at times, keep you on the edge of your seat and make you laugh in the good old fashion fun of science fiction. For the older reader of science fiction, this will be reminder of writers and characters for the Golden Age of Sci-Fi. Get this volume and enjoy the adventures. These stories are still as fresh as the day they were penned. — Steven Macon