AncientArmadaCVAncient Armada
Book One
by Tyler Leslie

ISBN-13: 978-1468540918 (Hardcover)
Pages: 464
Pub Date: January 2012
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Davis Martin awakens to what he thinks is going to be a typical day. He’s a deep sea miner and his world is about to come crashing down as alien invaders blast their way into his deep sea work place. The odd thing is that these merciless marauders are not from some far away star system looking for conquest. These deadly demons are from the earth’s interior and have been plotting the demise of the topside populace for centuries and they will stop at nothing until every human on the face of the planet is annihilated. There will be no survivors. Davis Martin hopes he’s a survivor as he manages to get out from his deep sea death chamber, just barely. Davis joins the United States Marine Corps to help stop these deadly alien invaders. Maybe this is a mistake, but Davis seems to run toward mistakes.

Tyler Leslie’s debut novel, Ancient Armada, has all the making of what is truly an action packed sci-fi adventure story. Getting into the book is fast and furious and continues to build as Davis enlistment causes him more problems than he bargained for, excluded the alien invaders. Surviving bootcamp may be more dangerous than facing the enemy. There are other sinister humans that have their own design on things and this alien invasion only makes these “bad guys” more vicious as the story progresses.

Ancient Armada is kind of a cross between Starship Troopers (the movie version), Pacific Rim and The Terminator. Common core element is: movies. Our main character, Davis Martin, is beaten up more times than Chuck Norris on a slow day. A little more detail to how the world of 2047 has become would be a help as well as a definitive look at the invaders. The title, to me, seems all wrong for this book, but that’s me. For the most part, this is a well written book, but a little more detail in the characters would have enhanced the read tremendously. If you like fast paced action with non stop hand to hand combat, then this is the book for you. — Steven C. Macon, Editor