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Avenir Eclectia
Edited by Grace Bridges and Travis Perry

ISBN-13: 978-1927154274 (Trade Paperback)
Page: 254
Pub Date: October 2012
Publisher: Splashdown Books

The average science fiction collection of short stories is just that, short stories by a variety of authors with a variety of subject matter. What makes Avenir Eclectia different is the fact that this is a collection of short stories by a variety of authors who write about the world of Avenir and Eclectia. The different authors bring their expertise of story telling to an imaginative concept of story collecting in one place. The style, stories and creative genius of these writers makes this world very believable and the characters become captivating, to say the least. Avenir at one time was a generational ship from Earth that came into orbit around the highly unstable planet called Eclectia. Now Avenir is a crowded residential station, a force in the region and a place where class does matter. The high and mighty aristocrats live in the upper rings of the ship while the other unfortunates must eke out an existence the best way they can in the lower parts of the ship. Life is hard, but even harder for the those who are planetside. Miners and bug hunters struggle to stay alive in their everyday existence on the tormented planet that is their home.

Avenir Eclectia is a world filled with many different things; creatures and humans alike. It is a world written by a lot of talented authors who can be proud of the world they have built together to entertain us readers of science fiction. Take heart, this is an incredible collection of tales that combine to tell a story of a distant world that the reader will certainly want to return to again and again. I’m sure another collection will be forth coming. — Steven C. Macon, Editor