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by Keven Newsome

ISBN-13: 978-0987653109 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 334
Pub Date: June 2011
Publisher: Splashdown Darkwater

Going to college can be an overwhelming experience. It’s new places, new faces and new points of view. Winter Maessen’s world has already had its tragedies and going to Tishbe University brings her headlong into a world that at first seems stranger than fiction. A clash of lifestyles happens the very first day when Goth Winter discovers she’s now roommates with Pretty in Pink Summer. That’s right, her roommate is named Summer. And thus, we are entertained and pulled into a world that will bring back college memories for those readers who have been there.

Newsome’s debut paranormal novel is a gutsy move into Christian fiction and into the world of Christian literature as a whole. Make no mistake, this is a Christian paranormal book that takes a close-up look at the supernatural happenings in life and the unseen things behind the scenes that move the everyday happenings of men, women, teenagers and society in general. Newsome skillfully uses flashbacks to intertwine Winter’s past with her current life as a freshman at this prestigious Christian university. Winter must deal with her past and confront the demons that have risen on campus. Winter, Summer and their other college friends find out that these demons are real and dangerous. Campus life takes on deadly consequences when the death of one girl changes the entire atmosphere at the university. Winter is portrayed beautifully and honestly as a struggling young Christian trying to find purpose in her life and how to cope with a gift from God that she is in a quandary to understand. That gift will lead her into danger and Winter must learn she serves an awesome God.

What I found most appealing about this book is the honest and gut level attachment to Winter and all her struggles. At first I wasn’t too sure about this book, thinking it was strictly for teens, since I might be classified as one of the Over The Hill gang members. But as I kept reading, Winter grew on me and so did her friends. I found that I wanted to know more about this determined young woman and was cheering for her with each turn of the page. This is a compelling book and will draw even the older crowd into it’s dark and nail biting story. It will even make you cry. This is not a read for the stuffy religious types. It is for those who really believe God and all that He can do and all that goes on in the supernatural world that is swirling around us. I’m looking forward to reading the next exploits of this brave young woman. — Steven C. Macon, Editor