FindingAngelCVFinding Angel
Toch Island Chronicles, Book 1
by Kat Heckenbach

ISBN-13: 978-1927154137 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 294
Pub Date: September 2011
Publisher: Splashdown Books

There comes a point in time where foster kids ask the question, “Who are my real parents?” Angel is not exception. Life with the Masons is fine. There are other adopted siblings, two brothers who have a tendency to make Angel’s life a little daunting by their antics. Then there is her little man, Zack, who doesn’t trash her views or interest. The Masons are home, the only family she has known. Yet, there is this lingering in the back of her mind as to where she came from and who her real parents may be.

Because Angel has a fondness for fantasy stories her life suddenly takes a strange turn when Zack discovers a mysterious beetle. The oddity of this insect is that it seems to sing instead of chirp. What is this strange beetle and where did it come from? Zack and Angel just look at each other. There are always answers to every problem, so together they start looking into nature books to discover the identify of this mysterious bug. Her search for answers takes her to the town library where a boy by the name of Gregor appears. Angel is fascinated with Gregor, not only because of his strange dress for the warm Florida weather, but his interest in art and things that relate to fantasy worlds. After saving her life one night, Angel is suddenly confronted with a boy who can do magic and his real reason for suddenly coming into her life. She learns that this was not the first time Gregor has saved her life.

Angel also learns that her real parents are alive and have been looking for her all this time. Gregor, the reader discovers, has been searching for her for just as long and he was the one who shoved her through a Gate into her present world in Florida. The discoveries keep coming as Angel learns she is a Finder and from a place where magic does happen for real.

Kat Hechenbach’s first novel, Finding Angel, is a delightful tale for young adults, though older readers will also find this a nice read. A combination between mystery and fantasy, Finding Angel, brings the reader into a world where magic has a reason for existing and people have a purpose for living. Get the book and prepare to be entertained. — Stefanie Longwood