DiDFrontCVNewDescent into Darkness
Children of the Dark Millennium – Book One
by Steven C. Macon

ISBN-13:978-0-615-68255-6 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 334
Pub Date: August 2012
Publisher: Compass-Signal Books

Dr. Thomas Farraday finds himself in the middle of the biggest discovery ever to surface on the planet. Buried for nearly 900 millennia an ancient relic emerges from a deep slumber bringing with it a deadly curse that will impact the future of mankind. The astounding discovery of a crashed space vehicle dating back nearly a million years brings into play a group of secret operatives whose task is to find out what has indeed been unearthed in South America. What is inside the space vehicle will keep Dr. Farraday and his team on edge as they try to unravel this mystery. The ancient relic reveals a shocking chronology of desperate times and far away places. It is a supernatural sci-fi thriller where an ancient terror rises from the wreckage of a mysterious spaceship from across the galaxy to once again threaten the existence of humankind.

This is the beginning of Steven C. Macon’s Children of the Dark Millennium series. This first book is a parallel of today’s political wrangling mirrored in an ancient galactic civilization trying to overcome a raging war, terrorists and bio-genetic experiments gone wrong. It is a story of one man’s efforts to save the civilization he loves, yet discovers the darkness that has entrenched itself into every aspect of that society. It is a story of love and devotion. A story of faith and hope. And, it is a tale of the supernatural workings in the middle of that reality. Above all, it asks the question: In the end, will hope remain?  Descent into Darkness begins this epic supernatural thriller that spans time and space. This is a tale of good and evil in the same spirit as Star Wars, yet this goes one step beyond that tale; Descent into Darkness encompasses where faith and reality meet to expose evil and its true nature. — Stefanie Longwood