Staff Notes

One might think that we’re back. Technically we are in a manner of speaking. Several of the former staff members got together over lunch a while back and discussed the possibility of bringing back this blog from the proverbial grave. We are attempting to do this very thing as we’ve posted a review of Frank Creed’s latest work, Devil’s Hit List. With that said, for all you folks who just happen to cruise by here on your way to various other points on the web, please give us a gander again. For you authors out there please contact us via email to see how to get your books reviewed. Again, we are seriously considering bring back the Pluto Awards as they were very popular in the past. It would be great to see things getting busy again with the New Voices in science fiction, fantasy and paranormal stuff.

You may also wonder, “What in the world is going on with all these design changes?” The truth is that we’re trying to find a new look for this blog. So, there may be a few more changes before we settle down to keeping one. Please bear with us as this could take awhile. Changes do not come easily to most of us and thus it is with the Staff here. We may decide in a few days to change the appearances again and again. But, hey, that’s half the fun of having this site; to keep our readers guessing as to what we’re doing.

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