Devil's Hit List_2Devil’s Hit List
by Frank Creed

Kindle Edition
ISBN-13: 978-1-934284-15-5
Pages: 191
Pub. Date: September 2012
Publisher: Writer’s Café Press

Stepping into Devil’s Hit List, Book Three of Frank Creed’s Underground Series, is like free falling from 20,000 feet. You get an adrenalin rush from the get go and a mind-stunning view of a world gone completely mad. Calamity Kid, e-girl and company face a new threat that is rampaging the planet. Virtual-e is fast becoming the addiction of choice and it means the death of millions and maybe even billions if left unchecked. Calamity Kid and his little group have got to stop the spread of the mind-ware infectious killer. First they must find the production device and it’s creator. No small task as this will put Calamity Kid and his sister, e-girl, in a far greater risk than any other before. Make sure you have plenty of espresso on hand when you read this chilling new thriller for the verbal master of Biblical Spec Fiction. Frank Creed has crafted another masterpiece that will take you into a mind blowing world you’ll wonder if you’ve fallen into some high octane video game. Strap yourself in, because this is another ride of a lifetime that will keep you turning the pages. — Steven C. Macon Editor