The Bialien Trilogy
by Vlane Carter

ISBN-13: 9780578044545 (Trade Paperback)
684 pages
Pub Date: July 2010
Publisher: VC Imagination Factory

It is 1996 and the US military is quite concerned in regards to a recent UFO sighting. Despite all the press of how the US military has officially retired Operation Blue Book and other such X-Files material and legends, they are in reality very much concerned about these extra terrestrial visitors. Major K. Robinson and his team have been suddenly called to upstate New York to find this mysterious UFO and in doing so, stumble upon 19 year old Jaden who has had contact. Now the chase begins.

Chased through cornfields in the middle of nowhere New York, Jaden suddenly finds himself dogged by military men and equipment that want to very much “catch” him. The mysterious UFO has its own designs on the current situation, teasing the military with its winking in and out of sight. Realizing that this hardcore military commander and his team will do everything in their power to stop Jaden, he enters the alien spaceship. It now become more than a close encounter of the third kind. Jaden’s life will never be the same. Thus the adventures to the stars begins.

Vlane Carter first novel is a huge “tome” of a book. There is lots of action and adventure as our main character, Jaden, meets a host of aliens from across the universe, engages in a host of battles as well as doing some “fun”stuff. There is a lot of “things” in this book to cause the reader to pause and ponder. For the adventurous reader who likes long novels make sure you put this close to the top of your Must Read list.—Steven Fivecats, Editor