Dauntless Homecoming
by Peter Koziar

ISBN-13: 978-1453637951 (Trade Paperback)
ASIN: B003Z0D2L6 (Kindle Edition)
484 Pages
Pub Date: July 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace

For most people, going home is an experience wrapped in anticipation of seeing familiar things and places. The anticipation can be almost intoxicating. But for the crew of the interstellar ship, Dauntless, this homecoming isn’t by far what its crew expects.

The Dauntless has returned to Earth, but it is not the Earth that they left. They have returned hundreds of years into their future. The crew now must face a world totally alien compared to the world they left. This homecoming is just the initial step into a longer journey that will change the lives of each individual member of the Dauntless’ crew.

This new Earth had certainly changed. There is one supreme ruler, referred to as The King, who is accompanied by powerful creatures known as the Purnarkat. The crew of the Dauntless must come to grips as to how they will fit into this new society. Not only must they decide who to follow, but everything they have believed is challenged like it has never been challenged before. The ancient struggle of good verses evil still permeates life in this new future world. Will the crew of the Dauntless survive this homecoming?

Peter Koziar’s first novel is an interesting read for those who might be fans of CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy. As with any first novel, and one that is self-published, there are flaws in the narrative that might bog the reader down from time to time, but none the less, this is a fairly good first novel with an intriguing storyline.—Steven Fivecats, Editor