War of Attrition

War of Attrition
Book Two of The Underground
by Frank Creed

ISBN-13: 9781934284063
246 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2010
Publisher: The Writer’s Café Press

Political and economic changes are happening like fast moving hurricanes, obliterating everything in their paths. Nothing will remain the same. It will be an unrecognizable landscape. The entire planet will have a new identity. For years the people clamored that the government should take care of them, supply their every need. Be careful what you ask for, Charlotte, because the end result may not be very pretty. Thirty eight years from now residents of the Chicago Metroplex are faced with the horrors of this clamoring. The world is now run by the One State. They are in control, they supply and run everything. However, there are those who would oppose the One State, who would stand up for Truth. The One State’s opposition is Fundamentalists from all religions. Bible believing Christians are considered terrorists of the most dangerous kind.

Dave and Jen Williams find themselves in the cross-hair of the One State’s paramilitary forces who have engaged in a War of Attrition in the Chicago Metroplex. Dave Williams, a.k.a. Calamity Kid, has risen to the number two most wanted of the Federal Bureau of Terrorism since he and his sister, a.k.a. egirl, has joined the Body of Christ ten months prior. The FBT marshals its forces in a cleverly designed manhunt through the Lost Wards of the Metroplex. In a desperate race to stay one step ahead of Nasty Nero’s henchmen, Calamity Kid and company is joined by a renegade first generation genetically engineered woman warrior. The new girl is apparently on the run from the One State and branded a traitor—or is she in fact a double agent?

Pull on a pair of kevlar spandex and prepare for the ride of your life. Frank Creed’s War of Attrition delivers heart pumping action at the speed of light. Hold onto your speedoes Charlotte, this ain’t for the weak of heart. Put away your Wiis, PlayStations and Xboxes. This new installment of “virtual literature” will tingle all your senses in a way that Xboxes and PlayStation can only pale in comparison.

Frank Creed has again spun another verbal masterpiece of Biblical Spec Fiction. Creed creates a world so real you can envision every word, sense every scene as though reality. Frank Creed’s gusty writing style delivers a high octane, roller coaster literary ride that will leave the reader gasping for air. Yes, Charlotte, this is worth every coin you may spend for this blazing adrenalin pumping adventure. Gamer junkies will howl at this one as the ride gets high octane right from the get go. Highly recommended! —Steven Fivecats, Editor

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