For nearly six months Yellow30 Sci-Fi has been on hiatus. This was greatly needed as most of the staff has moved on to do other things. There was a point in time during those six months that it looked like Yellow30 would not survive, that it would simply disappear into some Internet black hole to be forgotten forever. But as Jerrid Flakkinbarr stated in Descent Into Darkness: “There is always hope!” After much consideration and a meeting of the only two minds left on staff, it has been decided that Yellow30 Sci-Fi must continue on and that the Pluto Award has to go on as well.

So what will this mean? Reviews will still happen as always, but the Guidelines may be adjusted to work within the real jobs of the remaining staff members. There has been some interest by several others who may contribute to Y-30 from time to time. We will continue to strive to be the voice of the small presses and independent self-published authors. As time goes along, things may change. We sell no advertising and receive no funds from anyone other than the editor who finances this whole venture. We are very grateful to all those who have visited us here and on our main website over the past years. Your encouragement has been greatly received and very much appreciated.

As regarding the Pluto Award. Yes, we will keep it going. This year’s award will have a limited field to choose from since we were on hiatus for nearly half of the year. Yet, of those books we have reviewed this year, there are some that will be nominated. There are several well written books in the review list and we are confident that the finalists and winner will continue to reflect the spirit of the Pluto Award.

We look forward to what lies ahead. On the way we will discover new works of science fiction, fantasy and alternate history. We’ll meet new authors and some of us will make new friends and find new ways of looking at things. Let us now move on. ENGAGE!