Heart of Onyx
by Cynthia Ayala

ISBN-13: 9781450016476 (Trade Paperback)
196 pages
Pub Date: January 2010
Publisher: Xlibris

The Kingdom of Radiancia now lies in darkness. Radiancia’s glorious castle of light, where ivory and gold glittered in the sparkling sun now stands a hulk of black and silver, clothed in darkness. The evil Queen Luciana and her nine generals have done very well for themselves. There foes have been vanquished, destroyed and forgotten. Or have they? Selene, the once proud princess of the land now hides away, longing for the day of Radiancia’s return to glory. Corbett, the thief, the immortal, is desperate to find a way to destroy Luciana. But Corbett’s heart is torn, for once upon a time, he loved Luciana. The Luciana who once was good, but now has fallen to evil. There is a bigger battle here, as Selene, Corbett and Luciana collide in a conflict of supernatural forces. Their search for the Truth is the only thing that will stop the evil that plagues the world.

Cynthia Ayala’s first novel will certainly appeal to those fantasy lovers who like conflict, action and romance. For the most part the story moves well and characters are pretty much believable. This might have been an extraordinary story if more careful detail was placed on description and dialogue. Not bad for a first novel. — Steven Fivecats, Editor