Wulf’s Gate
by Matthew Lehmann

ISBN-13: 9781450050326 (Trade Paperback)
126 pages
Pub Date: March 2010
Publisher: Xlibris

Alfred “Wulf” Abington, a teenager living in a small town in Wisconsin. One might say it’s a very dull town, as well as small. Wulf is the typical guy his peers like to pick on. It’s kind of a sport with them. But little does everyone know that young Wulf is full of surprises. These surprises have a way of getting out of hand and getting the attention of a whole lot of folks, some not so nice. And then there is Annabelle Li, between the two of them, things start really happening. Stepping through the gate to another world is just the beginning of woes and adventure for these young kids. Dangers are on both sides of the gate. Terrorists, FBI, Secret Service, and the otherworld’s  nastiest villain, Drider: all are hunting them.

Matthew Lehmann’s first novel has the potential of a decent story. This is only complicated by the mixture of tenses at the beginning of the book. Once the reader gets beyond this, the story moves along in quick action. As with a lot of first novels, the narrative falls short to deliver the type of impact one would want from a tale like this. Barring that, Wulf’s Gate still makes for a good read. Interesting but not great.— Steven Fivecats, Editor