Journey of a Battlemage
by Scott Donavan

ISBN 13: 9781450071154 (Trade Paperback)
156 pages
Pub Date: April 2010
Publisher: Xlibris

A murder has been committed. Not just any common place murder that permeates out of every seedy dive this side of heaven. No! Gairen’s long childhood friend has been murdered by the crazed cultists in Fressin. So, Gairen steels himself and heads to the city of blood thirsty psychopaths and demon worshipers to investigate and avenge his friend’s death.

So the quest begins and little does Gairen know that this journey will pit him against unbelievable and terrifying foes that will test every ounce of his courage, strength and ability as a battlemage. Will his magic standup against the pure black evil that is threatening to take over the whole world? Will Gairen become a victim? Magic, monsters and mystery weave together a tale that has the makings of an epic adventure.

Scott Donavan’s first novel has all the elements readers like to have when it comes to fantasy. Magic, combat, monsters of incredible strength, magic and skill. Yet, the story falls short to deliver what might become a volume worth the title “epic.” We do not know who the friend is that has been killed or why. He’s just labeled a friend, no name, no history no nothing to get the reader involved enough to go on this journey with Gairen. The storyline falls weak because of a number of elements, some of this include a weak descriptive narrative, lack of proper structuring when it comes to dialogue. One could go on and on, but I will not. It all comes back to the simple phrase, “Show, don’t tell.” Keeping that in mind, perhaps Mr. Donavan will take a long hard look at his first effort and give it a make over. I think a true lover of fantasy may be hard press to finish this book. — Steven Fivecats, Editor