All good things must…. take a nap! Well, it would seem that the crazy real world gets to be at times more fiction than fiction. This has been a super busy summer with the real job and the staff is now down to two people. So this is just a little reminder that Y-30 is on Hiatus. What that basically means is that we will not be taking any more books for review from authors and publishers.  Sorry, but with the real jobs, family matters and stuff we have got to take a “nap” with Yellow30 for a while. Books that have already been submitted for review will be reviewed and posted here. But, due to real life, we can not give a definite time frame when those books will be reviewed. We do know there a lots of folks who visit this site to see what’s going on and we do appreciate your stopping by. You can email us with questions and or comments if you like, but again, a response time may not be lightspeed fast back to you. We want to thank all the folks who have helped us keep this thing going for as long as it has. Frank Creed, Grace Bridges and all the folks from the Lost Genre Guild deserve a lot of credit here because they helped spread the word years ago.  New found friends like Sharon Vander Meer and CC James have added additional surges over the last few years. We will be back, but for now, we got to go and take a nap to rest up and then get back into the mix of reviewing the New Voices of science fiction, fantasy and alternate history.