This is a new decade with new challenges and unfortunately the staff members at Yellow30 Sci-Fi have real jobs, most of us, that are starting to demand more of our time. Several years ago the original editor, Charles Vestal, was relocated to California by his real job. The current staff members are working professionals or busy finishing their degrees at two near by universities. These staff members are now moving on and therefore will no longer be a part of our staff. We wish them good fortune in their new jobs and careers. Thus the review load now falls just to two of us and we have decided that for sanity sake, we’ll place Yellow30 on hiatus. The website will remain for a time. How long, that we do not know.

At this time Yellow30 Sci-Fi must decline any books from authors or publishers.

Right now all books that have been accepted for review will be reviewed and posted shortly. Unfortunately we cannot give an exact time frame for those reviews. Sorry!