After careful consideration the Short Story Contest has been scraped. Most of the staff were kind of excited about having a contest and publishing our first anthology. After weighing in all pros and cons plus consulting with our very own local SFWA guru we decided that it would be best served to just deep six the idea and move on to other things.  Why the demise? Really?

The first thing looming in such a thing as a Contest, especially science fiction, is the fact that Yellow30 might get a deluge of entries which in itself would not be so bad. However, reading and judging a gadzillion entries might take the staff a better part of the year and the next three decades. Kidding!! The opposite of that would be that we’d get a tickle of entries and would not lend to having a 250 or so page anthology that people might want to read. The other side of that to is that we might get a couple hundred really BAD ENTRIES and we’d have to scrape the project anyway. So, that’s the primary reason for deep sixing the Contest.

Now with that out-of-the-way, we can consider other avenues on which to drive. Only time and the mystic forces of the Internet will let us know if our decision was the right one or just a bandade for a simple fix. Time moves on and so do we.