The Zerkian Chronicles:
Prince Zeethar’s Defection

By Miguel Aviles

ISBN-13: 978-1436326056 (Trade Paperback)
166 Pages
Pub. Date: May 2008
Publisher: Xlibris

The teaser on the back of this science-fiction novel makes it seem as though the story involves an alien who has morphed into the disguise of a human, and who decides to fight along side Earth’s human when his own people decide to invade.

And that is the situation as the book opens, but it lasts only through the first of twenty-three chapters. For the rest of the story, we are yanked back and forth through flashbacks of Prince Zeethar’s formative years, his military training, his learning how to morph into different beings, his betrayal by some of his own kind, and how he came to be in the situation where we find him in Chapter 1 — which ends in a cliffhanger.

The story is narrated by Prince Zeethar, in contemporary human terminology although one would assume alien expressions would be very different. But we can also assume the alien expressions are translated for our limited human benefit into our closest equivalent of the alien language.
A failing with many self-published books is the spelling and grammar errors that tend to creep in, but that is not the case here. Either Aviles found himself a good proofreader and editor, or he himself is one.

Full of intrigue, space battles and action galore, Prince Zeether’s Defection is apparently the first in a series. The book contains a preview of the next novel, the third chapter of a book titled Ambush on Pluto. From the teaser chapter, the next book will be as full of action as this one. —Paul Dellinger