The Saga Of Harmin Race
The Beginning: Book 1

by Robert L. Lanese

ISBN-13: 9781441558312 (Trade Paperback)
276 pages
Pub. Date: August 2009
Publisher: Xlibris

Harmin Race is definitely not your average kid. Not for a minute. Impressively entering MIT at an age where most kids are trying to figure out why school is necessary, Harmin is astounding professors left and right. But why is Harmin so amazing? Could it be he has a secret? Something that allows him the edge so to speak? What about those powerful telepathic abilities he has? Ah! Now we have something that speaks of strange things and perhaps even stranger stuff from beyond the solar system.

Harmin Race fits all the molds for super-heroism in a nifty package. Telepathic abilities top on the list. Add a computer genius friend, named Dale, whom Robin of Batman would even like and you have a dynamic duo ready to take on the universe. These guys are ready and willing. Not so fast young ones. Hold onto your speedoes and get ready for the next big surprise of your lives. Every super hero has at his or her disposal some secret impressive vehicle. Thus Harmin and Dale have the ultimate secret impressive weapon of perhaps all times: an indestructible invisible spaceship. This makes the Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica tugboats in comparison. What more could a reader ask for in this “greatest adventure of all time?” We have space pirates and overlords who have spread galactic anarchy across the cosmos, waiting for Harmin and Dale to come zooming to the rescue. Fascinating read one might say.

Perhaps, but this one falls way short. Harmin Race’s saga might have high hopes, but alas Gredo, this was not to be. A quick kill by editorial malfunctions spins the book into a galactic blackhole that will be hard to come out off. Misspelled and miss used words pepper this thing like a two day old salami sandwich. Major book format was ignored from the very beginning. One wonders if the typesetter got too caught up in the story to pay attention to layout. Shame! Perhaps only the adventurous should read this book. It certainly will be an adventure to get through it. Good luck if you try.—Mark Randell