By Richard C. Holzgen

ISBN-13: 9781441517227 (Trade Paperback)
105 pages
Pub Date: September 2009
Publisher: Xlibris

This action-filled sword ‘n’ sorcery saga pits Adara, a seemingly-invincible Amazon princess, and Cimri, a bronzed barbarian from the northlands who could give Conan a run for his money, against hordes of invading armies and some very perverse supernatural priests on land and sea.

The pace seldom slackens as Adara and her companions vanquish one threat after another, even though the perils keep increasing. It would make one heck of an action movie. The author, a pretty good sketch artist, even provides some illustrations.

Unfortunately, possibly due to a lack of editing, the book is a tough read — incomplete sentences, switches between past and present tense, misspellings, grammatical errors and some parts of the narrative simply incomprehensible. Contemporary manners of speech also jar the suspending of disbelief since the setting is some pre-Atlantis version of our world (did the Amazon exist back then?). Readers will have to fight their way through it, a chore almost as tough as those facing Adara and Cimri.

It will take a dedicated sword ‘n’ sorcery fan to make it through to the end. — Paul Dellinger