Real jobs can get in the way of doing fun stuff like keeping this little bit of space oddity going. But that’s life and the real world. As we’ve posted last month some of the staff reviewers have left to concentrate on jobs, family and other various sundry things. A few are finishing their college work and this is their impact year to get stuff done before graduation. That leaves just the few remaining people to pull this all together.

Yes, the Blogger part of Yellow30 Sci-Fi: The Review has been deep-sixed. Sorry but we saw no reason to repeat the same stuff on two separate blogs. That’s the way it goes folks!

Are we going to have a Pluto Award this year? Hopefully in a few more days we’ll know the answer to that question. It would be nice to hear from some of those who frequent this place to put in your “two cents” worth and get a little feed back on this. It would also be nice to know we’re not just flotsam in an Internet universe that nobody can focus on.

Anyway, thanks to those who have been stopping by and checking on things. Hopefully we’ll have some more reviews in the not too distant future.