Faith Awakened

Faith Awakened
by Grace Bridgesfaithawakenedcv

ISBN-13: 9780986451706 (Trade Paperback)
Pub. Date: June 2009
Publisher: Splashdown Books

The greatest lapses in judgement can occur when high ranking government officials seek to rule over earth’s inhabitants with absolute power and control. It was not nuclear, but it was powerful enough to wipe out most of the millions who inhabited planet Earth.  Man has brought about his own demise by an engineered virus. A deadly plague that spreads across the planet like the wind. Curiously enough, there are a handful of survivors who live on untouched by the deadly microscopic man-killer. In the midst of this mind numbing government control, a few select people have been allowed to continue on with scientific exploration, such as cryogenic sleep chambers. Will these machines prove to be the salvation of the remnant?

“The jabbing pain in my head disappeared as the cold swept over my body, and I floated away contentedly in a sea of blackness to a better world. A world of Faith.”

Out of the handful of survivors, two main characters emerge, Faith and Mariah, but are their stories real, or are they just a fantasy? Will they take that journey alone or will they somehow find each other, and will the God of all the universe go with them into that dimension, or it will be a cold, dark and lonely road that they will forever  travel on their own?

Faith Awakened, paints a picture of a future time that we may one day face if left to our own devices. Grace Bridges has found a clever way to put a new spin on an end time story, one that blends a Biblical theme with the sci-fi genre. This story will grab you from the first page and compel you to read on until you have finished the book. Even then, the story will stay with you and give you pause to think. —Grace Lightfoot, Associate Editor

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