Forever Richard

Forever RichardForeverRichardCV
by Sue Dent

ISBN-13: 9781934284032 (Trade Paperback)
266 Pages
Pub. Date: January 2009
Publisher: The Writers Café Press

With the success of Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga, vampire books have come back with a vengeance, eclipsing popular author Anne Rice’s super run back in the last part of the last century. Does this make things sound old or what? Can anyone put a new twist on an old tale that has been around for nearly as long as evil has walked the earth? Sue Dent has attempted to do just that! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Forever Richard is the sequel to Dent’s successful first novel, Never Ceese, which is a tale of redemption and spiritual triumph. Like it’s predecessor, Forever Richard, is full of vampires and werewolves. Add to this mix a sinister stem-cell researcher and you got a concoction that is sure to spell horror and mayhem from the very first word.

Things look pretty good for Richard and Ceese Porter, vampire and werewolf, who were cursed and lived apart for hundreds of years. Their new friends are more than relieved that brother and sister can now return to a normal life. But evil has a way of popping up and spoiling all things normal. Dr. Clayton Henderson gives the word corruption a new meaning and doesn’t mind using whoever to get whatever he’s after, in this case the vampire’s curse. Dr. Henderson has created a new monster; a new vampire. This one strikes close to home. One of Richard’s and Ceese’s friends has become Dr. Henderson’s centerpiece for research. So much for putting stem-cells to good use. To save this friend they must head to Richard’s isolated country manor in England. Now, things get more complicated. Enter more vampires and more werewolves and we got heaps of trouble. Richard and Ceese suddenly find that their new found freedom may soon face extinction. Will the forces of good be strong enough to defeat these new enemies? Or is the darkness more powerful than the faith that saved two souls and lifted a hundred year curse?

Series books always present several problems for readers. Some series can read as stand alone novels and be understood without having to rely much on the previous book. This reviewer never read Dent’s first book Never Ceese. A disadvantage for sure since this story was full of things the reader of the first book would certainly know. Forever Richard did not wow me as I thought it might. Sue Dent is a gifted writer that is a given, but there needed to be more character and plot development to make this a “must read at all cost novel.” Hopefully with the next installment Sue Dent will leave readers with a satisfaction of having been entertained to the fullest. Time will tell. —Stefanie Longwood, Y-30 Staff

One thought on “Forever Richard

  1. Thank-you Stefanie. A very astute review and I’m very glad to have one from a reader who has not read Never Ceese. Series work is very different to be sure and the success of a first book in a series almost always builds grand expectations for the second book. Probably too grand in some cases. 🙂

    It’s a definite challenge for an author (and I’m really new so it’s even more of a challenge for me) to make each series book as good or better than the first. I’m sure I’ll learn a little from each one.

    Thanks for reading,
    Sue Dent

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