The GuardianGuardianCV
by P. Robin Dixon, Jr.

ISBN-13: 9781441528605 (Trade Paperback)
251 Pages
Pub. Date: June 2009
Publisher: Xlibris

Solyn T’Mar has a problem. He has less than a month to solve it before the League of United Words convene. Solyn has not found a suitable guardian candidate. No League ambassador has ever selected a candidate from a world not their own. There are only five guardians for the thousands of star systems that comprise the League. Solyn has taken a gamble on a nondescript world in the nether regions of the galaxy. His life, his political career and the hopes of 50 billion Lirans are all hinged on this gamble. Will it pay off: Will he find a guardian here?

P. Robin Dixon, Jr. Has written an intriguing story. The characters have dimension and depth. As an intriguing tale as it is, the many subplots flowing through this story takes the reader into a literary pinball machine that will leave one dizzy trying to keep track of who’s doing what. Not a totally bad effort for a first novel.—Stefanie Longwood, Y-30 Staff