Ellenessia’s CursetheshadowseerCV
The Shadow Seer – Book 1
by Fran Jacobs

ISBN: 9781921314933 (E-book)
338 pages
Pub. Date: April 2009
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Prince Candale is ill. He has been deathly ill for some time and the fear is that he will soon die. Candale himself is barely able to comprehend anything around him. Those who come to see him are whispered phantoms of people he thinks he knows. Can anyone save him? Sorron, King of Carnia, and Candale’s grandfather, knows that there is only one person who can save his grandson from death’s grim reaper. But Sorron’s also knows that by doing so, other things may come to light that have long since been forgotten. Other things, deadly things. There is a shadow over the past that is now reaching into the present that whispers of dark visions and fallen kingdoms. Prophets have foretold the coming of the Shadow Seer but their warnings have been mostly ignored and now only a small collection of scholars know the portents of these dark oracle. Yet Sorron must do what he must do or Candale will die. So, the witch Mayrila is brought to the castle to save the young prince and in doing so the fulfilment of long forgotten prophecies ignite into a blaze that will quickly spread through the whole kingdom. The Shadow Seer has awakened! Beware!!!

Fran Jacobs has written a spell-binding fantasy that plunges the reader into a world of dark secrets and strange visions. Jacobs’ writing style is very fluid and gripping. Her characters are both well defined and meaningful. Jacobs draws the reader into Candale’s world with a surgeon’s skill at description and world building. Get this e-book, download it, print it out and settle in for a great read. It’ll be worth every effort.—Steven Fivecats, Editor