Star Steppingstarsteppingweb
by Various Authors

ISBN: 978-1-935013-15-0 (e-book)
105 pages
Pub. Date: June 2008
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

Avid readers of Fantasy and Sci-Fi will be hard pressed to find a more thoroughly enjoyable collection of tales than those proffered in this eclectic and amusing Anthology put together by Wild Child Publishing.Com.

Its varied selections cover the spectrum of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres:  yarns of alien civilizations galaxies away, to pixies and dragons – both in search of their own forms of love and survival, and the intense drama of a soldier’s near death experience in present day Iraq.  All weave together an incredible yet immensely believable and page-turning assortment of tales.

And no better sagas could begin or end such a fine collection as the two written by Debbie Mumford:  “Beneath and Beyond” and “The Tie That Binds.”  The first pulls the reader in with a fascination for archeology, only to be slung across a mythological universe that changes world history; and the last, a story of deep relational bonds, so strong only the ravages of war could break, leaving the reader feeling paradoxically satisfied yet wanting much more.

Then there is the underdog story “Casey” by Noelle Sterne:  An uplifting tale of a seventh grader who stumbles from one awkward adolescent moment to the next, while oblivious parents and cruel classmates either ignore or criticize him.  But all that changes one day when a school tragedy forces Casey to expose a secret gift to his teachers and classmates, a gift not even he fully understands.  Yet once revealed, his gift saves one life and changes his forever.

With anthologies of fiction, readers often pick a favorite story or two amongst the selected works, a story that pulls especially strong at their heart strings.  Fortunately or unfortunately, that is not the case with this anthology.  The selections are simply too good and the writing too accomplished to choose one favorite story over any other.  They are all superb.

With the quality of talent and pedigree of authors presented in this anthology, it is easy to envision any one of them gracing the covers of Best Sellers in the not-too-distant future..—Jeff Ovall, Y-30 Staff